Harris to Give $112 Million in Taxpayer Money to Other Countries

Harris to Give $112 Million in Taxpayer Money to Other Countries

(TheRedWire.com) – As the migrants and unaccompanied minors continue to surge through the US southern border, the Biden administration has a novel way of dealing with the crisis. Last month, Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed as the lead on the southern border “challenge,” as the administration likes to call it. However, since that time, the detention centers are severely over limits, and MS-13 gangs are taking advantage of the situation and are infiltrating the country. Now, stories are arising out of Texas that unaccompanied minors are being abused and sexually assaulted.

So, where is the vice president? No one’s heard from her except when she stopped in a bakery in Chicago on Tuesday, April 6. However, On Wednesday, April 7, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had much to say about Harris’s ongoing activities, and none of it had to do with the border. Instead, she’s working on the humanitarian crises in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Instead of fixing border policies, she’s striking deals to throw $112 million taxpayer dollars to aid other countries.

Harris Believes Money Solves All Problems

Apparently, Harris believes that throwing money at the three countries will solve the immigration crisis plaguing the US southern border. On Wednesday, the vice president’s team announced that the US would spend $112 million to provide food, nutrition services, clean drinking water, and shelter. In addition, the Biden administration intends to create unspecified programs that will supposedly help people earn a living and offer an undefined disaster risk reduction program.

How much will each country get?

  • Guatemala – $57 million
  • Honduras – $47 million
  • El Salvador – $8 million

It’s unknown who will hold the three countries accountable to spend the money as intended. Unfortunately, the money doesn’t solve many of the core problems, like reforming corrupt governments and ending the violence that drives much of the migrants’ desperation to flee for America.

It seemed that the previous policies by the Trump administration worked to stop the flow of mass migrations. Even Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blamed the current crisis on Biden’s rhetoric and policies.

Will throwing money at the problem work? It’ll be long gone before America finds out.

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