Harris Uses COVID as Excuse for Not Addressing Border Crisis Directly

Harris Uses COVID as Excuse for Not Visiting Border

(TheRedWire.com) – The nation’s southern border has devolved into a chaotic scene as a result of Joe Biden’s efforts to reverse Donald Trump’s immigration policies. On March 24, the president appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the administration’s point person on the border “challenge.”

Harris discussed the mounting border crisis during an interview on April 25. She said she couldn’t wait to visit Mexico and Central America to discuss the crisis, but “COVID issues” presented a problem. Noticeably absent from her interview was any discussion about a visit to the border.

Harris also spent a fair amount of time blaming others for the border crisis. As one might expect, she blamed the Trump administration. She also blamed the United Nations and “extreme weather conditions.”

Harris was correct about one thing. COVID-19 issues are a looming problem at the border. Customs and Border Patrol agents are releasing infected migrants on a daily basis to shelters inside the US.

It’s high time the Biden administration started taking border security seriously. The clock is ticking.

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