Has China Stolen Your Personal Data?

Has China Stolen Your Personal Data?

(TheRedWire.com) – As the pandemic enters the third year, a former chief technology officer (CTO) at the Defense Intelligence Agency says China is weakening economically. Bob Gourley says the decline is putting pressure on the Chinese Communist Party to find new sources of revenue, which could be a dangerous problem for the United States.

Gourley said China is resorting to stealing intellectual property, hijacking personal and business information through ransomware, and stealing assets electronically. He also stated that the next few years are critical as China ups its surveillance state to create new threats through social media. The cyber expert said that while China blocks US social media companies in its country, it still uses the websites via artificial intelligence (AI) to gather information on Americans, including journalists and dissidents.

The former CTO says China is weaponizing our personal information. When they steal personal, business and government data, the Chinese AI takes that information and uses it for profit and military purposes. In 2021, China invested in US biotech companies and partnered with hospitals and universities to access health care and genetic data.

The massive amount of genomic information the communist country collects allows it to create cutting-edge precision medicine. That could enable the Chinese to overtake the United States and become a global leader in biotechnology. Making matters worse, they can use the information for intelligence and military operations.

Gourley said the United States should sever China from US servers and shut them down from easily accessing vulnerable systems.

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