High Crime Poses Disaster for Democrats in 2022

High Crime Poses Disaster for Democrats in 2022

(TheRedWire.com) – While Democrats in major cities work to undermine police and defund police departments, violent crimes are spiking across the country. Murder is up 40% over the last year in cities, and tragically, the numbers are not coming down.

Out of the 66 largest police jurisdictions nationwide, 63 of them saw a rise in rape, robbery, and assault, in addition to homicides. Congressional far-left Democrats are doing their part as well. They nearly caused a $1.9 billion Capitol security bill to fail over concerns that Congress was giving too much money to police departments that they claimed are “systematically racist” organizations.

The Democrats’ anti-cop rhetoric and actions could hurt them heading into the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans are primed to revive “law and order” as a major issue.

Former President Donald Trump successfully lambasted Democrats as a “law and order” candidate in 2016. House Democrats currently have a razor-thin margin. The GOP is targeting 47 seats where Democrats either underperformed in the last election or are facing redistricting.

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