Hillary Clinton Drops Big Hint About Her 2024 Plans

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last year, many Biden voters began to express buyers’ remorse. In poll after poll, the president continues to experience declining approval ratings. His recent polling figures are among the worst in modern US history. Even Democrats are unhappy. Last November, suburban Democratic voters in Virginia, 80% of whom voted for Biden, turned on Democratic candidates and voted Republican for every major office in the state from governor to the statehouse. So, if Democrats are worried that former President Donald Trump may run in 2024 again, is Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris the answer for them?

It appears Hillary Clinton may consider throwing her hat back into the ring. Could you imagine another Trump/Clinton campaign? She’s run for president three times and lost all three. Her political nemeses are likely more numerous than her supporters. On Thursday, February 17, Clinton gave a speech to the New York State Democratic Party Convention, and she offered a hint she may be running in 2024.

Apparently, Hillary believes she could be a unifying, calming, and uncontroversial presidential candidate and a president who could bring America together. Already, 50% or more of America’s voters would likely vote against her. Then, there are the Independents and disenfranchised Democrats.

To show how out of touch Clinton is: She stated Democrats are fighting to create safe communities, better jobs, higher wages, and health care. So, how’s that working out for America under the Democratic control of Washington, DC?

She might want to rethink her messaging.

Still, it could be entertaining to watch Trump and Clinton go at it again? Trump has a lot to work with after 2016.

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