Hillary Clinton Endorses Top Candidate in Election

Hillary Clinton Endorses Top Candidate in Election

(TheRedWire.com) – Farhadian Weinstein is striking a more moderate tone than her sea of progressive challengers in the Democratic primary for Manhattan District Attorney. A former general counsel to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, she’s leading among seven candidates for the position, including a former chief deputy attorney general for New York State.

Weinstein is only 47 years old and is married to a very wealthy hedge fund manager. In 2008, she registered in New York as an unaffiliated voter but supported Democratic candidates financially. For instance, she donated large sums to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She also gave financial support to New York Democratic congressional incumbents Sens. Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Rep. Josh Gottheimer. She only recently registered as a Democrat in 2016 and started voting in local and state elections.

Former two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently endorsed Weinstein. Clinton appears to like the moderate tone that Weinstein is striking. Clinton said she liked the candidate’s balance of safety and fairness. The former Secretary of State added that Weinstein is pro-immigrant and pro-choice — an effective combination among Democrats. Hillary went out of her way to remind voters that a woman has never held the Manhattan District Attorney post.

It’s Hillary Clinton’s first endorsement this year. Weinstein said she’s honored that Clinton is in her corner.

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