Hillary Clinton Releases Photo Defending World Leader’s Scandal

Hillary Clinton Releases Photo Defending World Leader's Scandal

Hillary Clinton Releases Photo No One Wanted To See

(TheRedWire.com) – Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin is currently facing heavy scrutiny. The media, politicians, and citizens recently criticized her for repeated instances of drinking heavily and partying. After the wild events over the last few months, photographs of Marin and her friends circulated on social media. They included pictures of women kissing while lifting their shirts behind a sign that read, “Finland.” The Finnish leader apologized for the image after many accused her of going from “fun” to “inappropriate” behavior as a head of state.

Still, Hillary Clinton couldn’t help herself. No stranger to criticism or controversy, the former Secretary of State and two-time failed presidential candidate injected herself into the fray. She essentially accused anyone who questioned the prime minister of acting as a misogynist. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter dancing in Cartagena as Secretary of State and told the Finnish PM to “keep dancing.”

The post immediately drew fire. Some alleged Clinton made Marin’s situation all about her. Another respondent said she was “pathetic.” One even questioned if her partying led to the Benghazi disaster. The post drew other harsh responses as well.

Still, Marin messaged Clinton a note of thanks for her support. If that was the former US official’s ultimate goal, it appears she succeeded.

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