Hillary Clinton Tells Democrats To Be Careful Throwing “Fascist” Word Around

Hillary Clinton Tells Democrats To Be Careful Throwing

Hillary Clinton Says “STOP!” – Criticizes Biden’s Speech

(TheRedWire.com) – In 2016, then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton labeled half of Americans irredeemable and deplorable. While she meant it as an insult, many Trump voters embraced her insults as badges of honor. Fast forward, President Joe Biden is taking the rhetoric up a notch. He recently called “MAGA Republicans” “semi-fascists” and declared they threatened democracy. On Wednesday, September 7, Clinton and her daughter Chelsea appeared on “The View” to promote their new AppleTV+ show “Gutsy.” The failed two-time presidential candidate said Democrats need to be careful throwing around the word “fascist.”

The decades-long lightning rod called on both sides of the aisle to lower the heated political rhetoric before someone becomes violent. Clinton also noted that fascism is a loaded term and insinuated Biden’s choice to use it wasn’t helpful. She added that Republicans might also avoid using the word “socialist” and cautioned all sides to choose their words more carefully.

Still, the former Secretary of State didn’t directly call out the president and suggested he had a point in criticizing the GOP. She said authoritarianism tends to show itself in Republicans. Yet, Clinton failed to mention the overhanded lockdowns, restrictions, violations of religious freedoms, and mandates employed by Democratic governors and Biden during the pandemic.

Regardless, Clinton said she hoped Republican voters would reject Trumpism, which she alleged was dangerous to America.

So, is it just more of the same couched in friendlier language?

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