Hillary Clinton’s Ex Campaign Finance Director Now Working as Lobbyist in Communist China

Hillary Clinton's Ex Campaign Finance Director Now Working as Lobbyist in Communist China

(TheRedWire.com) – Democrats love to cry foul whenever Republican operatives have any dealings with foreign countries. As it turns out, a longtime Democratic political operative with deep connections to former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton works as a lobbyist helping the Chinese communist government.

Jonathan Mantz is working for the American Chamber of Commerce in South China. To craft policies that benefit the 2,000 US companies in the chamber, the business group often works with the Chinese Communist Party.

Mantz is a former finance director who raised nearly a billion dollars throughout his career to benefit Democratic campaigns. Among them was Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential bid. In addition to his lobbying work for the American Chamber, he’s also a member of the Finance Committee of the Democratic Governors Association.

The American Chamber is sponsoring the upcoming Ciman (Shanxi) – US Symposium on Investments. The event is a collaboration with the chamber and Chinese Communist Party leaders in the Shanxi province.

Additionally, the business group is organizing events to support China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The US State Department warned against American participation as Beijing tries to expand foreign markets for Chinese companies to draw political and economic entities into the Communist Party’s sphere of influence.

In addition to Mantz’s many political exploits, he served under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as the Finance Director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

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