Hispanics Reveal Why They’re Finally Leaving the Democrat Party

Hispanics Reveal Why They're Finally Leaving the Democrat Party

Look Who’s LEAVING The Democrat Party – They’re Telling Why

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last year, it’s grown apparent through polls and election results that Hispanic voters are re-aligning away from Democrats and toward Republicans. Without strong Hispanic support, Democrats could struggle to win elections as the GOP makes inroads into the Hispanic community.

On Wednesday, July 20, three Hispanic voters told Fox News why they believe Latin voters are abandoning Democrats for Republicans. First-generation Cuban Chris Formoso said Democrats are the party of elites who lost the working class. He said they “lost their minds,” insinuating Democrats went too woke and socialist.

Hector Olmo is from Puerto Rico. He accused Democrats of using free money and benefits to bribe and appease minority voters but suggested their goal was really to trap them in poverty and prevent them from experiencing success.

Mario Lorenzo came to America from Cuba over 50 years ago. He said Democrats’ embrace of socialism had cost them voters in the Hispanic community. He said he doesn’t know where every Hispanic person stands, but the ones he talks with won’t vote for the Democratic Party. Lorenzo noted that those who left Cuba and Venezuela came to the United States to escape communism and socialism. He added that many in the Hispanic community have a strong work ethic and want the American dream, not handouts.

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