Hunter Biden Attacks Reporter for Asking Questions

Hunter Biden Attacks Reporter for Asking Questions

( – On Wednesday night, November 10, First Son Hunter Biden arrived at a Manhattan gallery in anticipation of scoring a big payday. By profession, Hunter is an attorney but he recently started selling his artwork. People lined up to see it and wondered who would be the first person to purchase one of the president’s son’s $500,000 paintings.

In October 2020, the New York Post reported a Delaware computer store owner turned over a laptop reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden to the FBI. Allegedly, the computer belonged to Hunter Biden, and it could implicate him and his father in corrupt business dealings around the globe. As the president’s son was leaving the party, a New York Post reporter asked Biden if he got his laptop back from the FBI. According to multiple reports, Hunter appeared agitated and defensive over the question. He smugly remarked, “There’s always a smart-a** in the bunch.” It’s unclear whether that was a yes or a no.

Despite Hunter’s admission otherwise, his wife chimed in and said the laptop didn’t exist. In 2020, during an interview, Hunter told America he was struggling with drugs, and his memories from that time were incomplete. He stated the laptop could be his.

We don’t know if Hunter’s painting sold, and if so, for how much.

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