Hunter Biden Investigation Held off Until After 2020 Election

Hunter Biden Investigation Held off Until After 2020 Election

( – After Obama won the election in 2008, he quickly reminded Conservatives “elections have consequences.” It appears that sentiment doesn’t apply only to government policies.

In 2016, then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got a pass from law enforcement for allegedly violating laws when she allowed classified documents to pass through her non-secure, non-government server. Now, it appears President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, also got a pass because he was the son of a powerful politician.

In the summer of 2020, federal prosecutors investigated Hunter Biden for tax evasion, dealings with hostile foreign governments and businesses, and other potentially serious crimes. US Attorney David Weiss decided to withhold any action during the campaign. The chief reason: if news broke of his investigation, it could impact the election.

The final result could be much worse. Now that the public is learning Weiss hid the investigation, it could erode trust in the partiality of the Department of Justice among the public. Additionally, it’s leading to questions of what the public should and shouldn’t know about their potential leaders leading up to a consequential election.

Weiss may be weighing whether to charge the younger Biden with potential crimes related to the Biden’s family’s political and business connections in Ukraine, China, and Russia.

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