Hunter Biden Pulls Shady Stunt On Lawmakers

Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, in a court filing, a federal prosecutor in the Hunter Biden tax fraud trial claimed President Joe Biden’s son was utilizing a “stunt to delay the trial.”

Federal prosecutors described Hunter’s “decision to file a notice of appeal” following the Court’s decision to deny his “meritless” motion to dismiss as a “stunt to delay” and “game the system.”

The 82-page filing was written by David Weiss, Special Counsel,  and Derek Hines and Leo Wise, assistant prosecutors for the Justice Department.

The filing stems from a trial surrounding Hunter Biden’s, 54, six misdemeanor and three felony tax charges, which include failing to file and pay taxes, evading assessment, and submitting fraudulent or false tax returns.

Judge Mark Scarsi of the U.S. District Court dismissed Hunter Biden’s argument that the charges should be thrown out because they had political motivations. 

In the filing, Scarsi rubbishes Hunter Biden’s so-called evidence, stating that his motion was “remarkable” because it failed to include “a single declaration, or request for judicial notice,” and instead relied on citations from social media posts, Internet news sources, and legal blogs.

The tax fraud trial is set to start on June 20, just over two weeks after Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial begins in Delaware on June 3. 

Scarsi’s Tuesday filing was in support of a filing issued by federal prosecutors just the day before who asked him to instruct Hunter Biden’s attorneys to submit proposed jury instructions, per the standing order of the District Court. The filing was issued to ensure the trial date wouldn’t be rescheduled.

On Tuesday, prosecutors accused Hunter Biden of deciding he could “ignore the schedule set by the Court,” claiming Biden was implementing a “heads I win, tails you lose” litigation strategy that could result in the trial being delayed. 

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