Ilhan Omar Backs Trucker Protest Supporter That Was Doxed by Media

Ilhan Omar Backs Trucker Protest Supporter That Was Doxed by Media

( – It’s not often that a far-left member of the Squad appears to be in alignment with moderates, let alone conservatives. Yet, that’s what seemed to happen recently. For several weeks, private donations flooded the coffers of truck drivers in Canada who are losing wages while protesting COVID-19 overreach. On February 16, GiveSendGo said someone hacked their website after information began appearing in the media revealing the names and the dollar amount of contributions.

Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) joined her longtime conservative critics in blasting the media. She defended a donor’s right to privacy and said the media disclosures would lead to the harassment of donors.

Omar added that the press’s release of donor information was immoral, irresponsible, and incomprehensible. She said that the media needed to do better as the release of private information ruins people’s lives and is unnecessary.

The Washington Post reportedly reached out to hacked victims to question their donations. Others in the media claimed that they weren’t trying to dox donors. They said the revelations put out by cyberterrorist Aubrey Cottle were public information and in the public interest. Some said Omar’s comments were inaccurate and unfairly singled out reporters for abuse.

Fox News conservative host Tucker Carlson and former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany expressed support for the Congresswoman’s statement. It’s an unusual situation for someone on the far-left to align with a conservative.

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