Ilhan Omar Wants America to Turn on India Next… When We Need It Most

Ilhan Omar Wants America to Turn on India Next... When We Need Them Most

( – Since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, President Joe Biden has been trying to unite international support to isolate Russia, including wooing India. In a recent House hearing with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, far-left Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) asked why the Biden administration wasn’t questioning Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about human rights issues.

Omar said she understood the need for strength in numbers in dealing with Russia. Yet, she expressed concern that the US has a history of enabling undemocratic leaders just to show strength to an adversary. Still, the far-left Democrat wanted to know why Biden wouldn’t criticize Modi.

Sherman stated that anytime the US interacts with a government with demonstrated human rights concerns, the administration addresses it. In India’s case, US officials continue to talk with them about the nation’s approach to LGBTQ issues.

Howevr, that’s not the issue closest to Omar’s heart. As a Somali-born Muslim, she’s concerned about India’s treatment of Muslims. Over the last many years, some critics have expressed concern that India has discriminatory policies toward Muslims, potentially subjecting them to mass violence. Still, the Biden administration feels it’s important to take what it can get to stop Putin’s deadly war on Ukraine. That includes garnering support from Modi.

It’s an issue to which Omar seems tone-deaf.

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