Illegal Procedure Leaves Aspiring Film Star DEAD

Mom and Daughter Charged in Aspiring Film Star's Death Via

Mom and Daughter Charged in Aspiring Film Star’s Death Via “Outlaw Buttocks Augmentation Procedure”

( – There‚Äôs a good reason states only authorize qualified doctors to conduct plastic surgery. In September 2019, aspiring adult film actress and social media star Karissa Rajpaul began undergoing illegal buttock injections administered by an unlicensed mother and daughter team. On October 15, 2019, Alicia Galaz and Libby Adame performed the third and final procedure in the aspiring adult star’s home in Encino, California. When something went wrong, the two women called 911 and ran from the house without telling first responders what had happened. Hours later, Rajpaul died in an emergency room. Now, police have arrested the suspects in connection with her death.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office said the 26-year-old died from “acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction” and “intramuscular/intravascular silicone injections.” The report determined the cause of death was a homicide. Police charged Adame, 51, and Galaz, 23, with murder. On August 5, detectives arrested them in Riverside, California.

The unqualified women conducted the low-cost, cash-only procedure that included injecting a liquid silicone substance into the buttock to give them a more prominent appearance. Officials say that injecting an uncontained substance into the body may allow it to enter the bloodstream and create embolisms leading to illness or death.

Police released the two women on bond, and the court scheduled them to appear on November 3 to determine if investigators have enough evidence to try them for the crime.

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