Investigator Says Probe Points to China Behind COVID-19

Investigator Says Probe Points to China Behind COVID-19

( – For over a year, many government officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump, alleged the COVID-19 virus leaked out of a lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese continue to reject the story, but it appears new evidence suggests the communist government is hiding its culpability in the worldwide pandemic.

Australian journalist Sharri Markson says it’s entirely possible, and even likely, that a staff person at the Wuhan Institute of Virology contracted the disease by accident and then spread it across the region to the world.

In her new book titled “What Really Happened in Wuhan,” Markson wrote that China misled people in 2020 about the origin of COVID-19. The journalist says there is evidence the Wuhan Institute of Virology knew about the virus’s escaped the lab in September 2019. Soon after, the Chinese communist government deliberately covered it up.

She said the Chinese mysteriously removed a database of 22,000 viruses at the institute three months before China acknowledged COVID-19. On the same day, the regime spent over $10 million boosting the institute’s security. Additionally, it purchased a new ventilation system, medical air incinerator, and a coronavirus testing machine.

Markson adds Chinese General Chen Wei oversaw the military takeover of the lab and instituted a gag order ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s new biosecurity law that was fast-tracked through the communist government.

Markson believes the evidence is unquestionable and mounting. She recommends anyone other than the World Health Organization study the matter. She said there are many ways to get to the truth if China continues to deny its role in the pandemic.

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