Is a Harris-Leaning White House in Our Future?

Is a Harris-Leaning White House in Our Future?

( – It’s extremely out of the ordinary, and in fact unprecedented, for the government to recognize a vice president formally in White House communications. However, an email leaked on Monday, March 22, reveals that the executive branch is doing just that as it oddly elevates Vice President Kamala Harris’ stature.

The communications team in the White House instructed all federal agencies to begin referring to the “Biden-Harris Administration” instead of the “Biden Administration” in all forms of official communications.

Not only does that include letterhead or correspondence, but it also impacts the digital sphere. The White House social media pages now reference the Biden-Harris White House. Past administration’s language always referenced the president and his administration, never the VP.

Since taking office in January, Harris has also made solo calls with world leaders — another unprecedented step for a vice president. The move comes as some question whether Harris is being primed to take the lead at some future point. Biden is currently 78 years old and is the most senior serving president in US history.

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