Is This High-Ranking Dem Responsible For 8 VIOLENT Stabbings?

Democrat DA's Failure Leads To 8 Stabbing Attacks

Democratic DA’s Failure May Have Led To 8 Stabbing Attacks

( – Yoni Barrios, 32, committed a stabbing spree in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 6. Police said he began attacking people on the sidewalk to “let the anger out.” Ultimately, he stabbed eight victims, killing one person on the scene. Another died later in the hospital. Authorities charged him with six counts of attempted murder and two counts of murder with a deadly weapon. Still, many believe a Los Angeles district attorney’s failure led to the horrifying event.

Two issues compound the tragic stabbings. First, Barrios is an illegal immigrant. Second, in July 2019, former Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey charged the Guatemalan migrant with a violent crime related to a domestic violence incident from August 2018. A judge dismissed the case on the first day of the trial, citing California law which requires a speedy trial because the DA’s office had not filed the criminal charges within prescribed time limits. California Penal Code Sec. 1382 says a judge must dismiss a case if prosecutors don’t bring the case before the court within 60 days of a defendant’s arraignment.

If convicted, Berrios could have faced up to four years in jail and subsequent deportation. So far, in 2022, juries have convicted around 60 illegal immigrants for murder and manslaughter. Courts sentenced an additional 1,020 for assault, battery, and domestic violence.

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