“ISIS Bride” Reveals Why She Came Out Against Lawmaker

(TheRedWire.com) – In 2003, UK citizen Tania Joya married an American-born jihadist and supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS). The then-19-year-old moved to Syria, and soon after, the relationship with her husband became abusive. She fled her spouse and ultimately became an informant for the United States. In 2014, she arrived in America and experienced financial struggles. Soon after, she met Van Taylor (R-TX) and reportedly began an affair with him.

On March 1, Joya went public ahead of the Texas primary, saying she had an inappropriate relationship with Taylor. She said the GOP Congressman ditched her after he failed to keep his promises. The former ISIS informant said Taylor knew how bad she was struggling and promised to help her, but he never did. Joya claims she lost $8,000 on a divorce lawyer that Rep. Taylor recommended it to her. She added that she’s now losing her house and that her struggles could have been avoided.

Joya says she informed her former lover and his wife that she would go public. On Wednesday, March 2, Taylor suspended his re-election campaign and publicly admitted to the affair after he failed to reach a 50% runoff threshold in the primary election the day before. Taylor said he made a horrendous mistake, caused his family deep hurt and pain, and that it was the biggest failure of his life.

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