Israeli Military Drop BOMBSHELL Report – Terrorists Run Rampant!

Israeli Military Thwarted Over 500 Terrorist Attacks in the Past Year

Israeli Military Thwarted Over 500 Terrorist Attacks in the Past Year

( – Unlike many countries in the world, Israel regularly faces terrorist attacks. Earlier this year, the Israelis launched a counterterrorism operation after extremist groups targeted 19 citizens. On Monday, November 28, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) stated that since March, it had arrested 2,500 Palestinians on suspicion of terrorist activity. The IDF said that over the last year, it also thwarted over 500 potential attacks.

The military said the counterterrorism effort, named the “Break the Wave Operation,” primarily focused on potential threats in Samaria. The IDF noted it recorded a minimum of 281 attacks and attempted actions so far in 2022, compared to only 91 in 2021. It stated the terrorists tried to harm 239 IDF soldiers and targeted 42 civilians. In addition, the armed forces said it seized over 250 weapons and roughly $785,000 in cash that it believed terrorists would use to fund further activities.

The Palestinian Authority said the Israeli military killed approximately 150 of their citizens. The IDF reported the count at 136. Israel stated the majority of Palestinians killed had either carried out attacks or clashed with security forces. Still, the IDF committed 838 incidents against Palestinians. In 2001, there were 446.

Despite the number of Israeli military acts against Palestinians, the IDF only made 113 arrests and conducted an additional 101 investigations.

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