Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates Relationship Details Released

Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates Relationship Details Released

( – They say if you want to meet anyone, they’re only six or fewer social connections away. In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, it ended up being a lot closer than that to get to tech guru and philanthropist Bill Gates. Melanie Walker is a vital link in connecting the disgraced financier and the co-founder of Microsoft. Epstein was a mentor and allegedly helped finance Walker’s post-doctoral degree in neurology at Cal Tech by giving her a job.

As Walker grew professionally, she lived with Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky, whom she would later marry. Sinofsky often brought Walker with him to company events, where she met Gates numerous times. Eventually, she would later become a liaison between Epstein and the Microsoft leader. In addition, physician Boris Nikolic also spoke highly of the disgraced financier to Gates. In 2011, Gates and Epstein met over dinner. Then throughout the 2010s, the Microsoft co-founder met three more times with Epstein at his New York townhome.

They got close enough that the disgraced financier was able to fool Gates into believing he had connections to trillions of dollars through his clients and could help the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation raise money. He concocted a scheme to make money off donation referrals.

Gates later learned of Epstein’s shenanigans. In 2019, the tech billionaire said he regretted that he ever met Epstein.

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