Jen Psaki Makes a Double Standard Claim

Jen Psaki Makes a Double Standard Claim

( – If you travel from another country to the United States, the federal government requires you to show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. However, there is an apparent double standard for migrants trying to enter the US illegally. On Tuesday, September 23, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki debated the contrast. Instead of requiring illegal immigrants to hold to the same standard as everyone else, she argued they didn’t intend to stay in the country.

Psaki’s statement seems to defy logic. Why are they leaving their home countries in the first place if they don’t intend to stay in the US? Does it matter how long they plan to stay if they’re infected with COVID-19, and can spread the disease among themselves and the general public?

Meanwhile, the administration is going out of its way to force employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing while also forcing mask and vaccine mandates on domestic travelers.

On September 10, Psaki herself admitted the existence of a double standard for illegal immigrants. She represents the President of the United States. When she speaks, it’s official US policy. Either she went rogue, or the administration seeks to play roulette with America’s health. At least she’s honest about their intentions.

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