Jen Psaki Reportedly “Taking Break” From the White House

Jen Psaki Reportedly

( – As the biggest and most important international crisis in a generation unfolds, it seems that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is taking a break from her duties while President Biden is enjoying a vacation at Camp David. On Sunday, August 15, Fox News said journalists emailed Psaki about the unfolding Afghan crisis but received an auto-reply email in return. The news outfit stated they tried again but got another reply stating Psaki wouldn’t be available until August 22.

The military’s lowering of the US flag over Kabul symbolized the Taliban’s winning of the war after 20 years. Neither the president nor the White House’s chief spokesperson was available to the media to discuss the humiliating situation. The deafening silence hasn’t gone unnoticed.

However, the White House did issue a photograph of the president sitting by himself at Camp David in front of multiple screens as officials discussed the chaotic collapse of the Afghan government. Like former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grinnell, people have suggested the photo symbolized everything wrong with the Biden administration.

Despite the president’s vacation plans, he returned to Washington and addressed the nation on Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, instead of being available to do her job during a major crisis, the ultra-liberal press secretary is throwing Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to the wolves.

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