Jill Biden Makes Offensive Statement About Hispanics During Speech

Jill Biden Makes Offensive Statement About Hispanics During Speech

Jill Biden’s RACIAL Claim Just Got Her in a Lot of Trouble

(TheRedWire.com) – While Democrats label the GOP as racist for political gain, some continue to cause self-inflicted harm to their own narratives. On Monday, July 11, First Lady Jill Biden stepped into troubled waters during a speech to a group of progressive Hispanic voters in Texas. Very purposefully, Mrs. Biden tried to point out that Hispanics are a very diverse community. Instead, she said they were “as unique as the breakfast tacos” served in San Antonio.

After the First Lady’s speech, Hispanic groups and lawmakers rebuked her for comparing the diversity of Hispanics to food. The New York Post reported that the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) took exception to the comparison and stated that they “are not tacos” in a Twitter retort.

The group also said her statement reflected poorly on her knowledge of the Hispanic culture, and the message noted it was very disrespectful for the president’s wife to reduce such a wide-ranging group of people to a stereotype.

Just weeks earlier, south Texas Hispanics elected Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) in a special election. The newly minted Congresswoman, the first Mexican-born House member in US history, said Democrats don’t understand Latinos. While the cost of food and everyday items hammers people, she claimed their words and failed policies couldn’t cover their tracks.

On Tuesday, the First Lady’s spokesman apologized on Twitter for her comment. Michael LaRosa said she only meant to express admiration and love for the Hispanic community.

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