Joe Biden Brings in Whopping 600,000 Migrants

Joe Biden Brings in Whopping 600,000 Migrants

( – For months, the Biden administration claimed that the border was closed and there wasn’t an immigration crisis. Instead, it called the situation a “challenge.” But, unfortunately, that seems to be slipping out the window as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says one thing, yet opens sneaky side doors allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the country.

Approximately 69,000 migrants crossed the US southern border illegally under former President Donald Trump within 2020 alone. However, in the first six months of Joe Biden’s presidency, 600,000 walked across with open arms, welcomed by the US government.

The illegal immigration problem is so bad that there is now one migrant for every three children born in the United States. These numbers don’t even reflect migrants that border officials blocked or the nearly 1 million DHS legally grants residency to each year.

To drive the point home even further, officials should be following Title 42. This allows the government to shut the border down altogether during a pandemic. Instead, we continue to read stories about illegal immigrants who test positive for COVID-19, only to be placed on buses where they can freely travel across America.

President Biden addresses the issue by turning a blind eye. This decision empowers Majorca to continue his no penalty, catch-and-repeat policies on the southern border.

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