Joe Biden Claims They Didn’t Have Vaccine When They Got Into Office

Joe Biden Claims They Didn't Have Vaccine When They Got Into Office

( – During the 2020 presidential campaign, then-candidate Joe Biden consistently called President Trump a liar. However, it appears that President Biden is having trouble with the truth. On Tuesday, February 16, Biden said no vaccines were available during a live CNN town hall when he came into office on January 20.

The president appeared to be confused or couldn’t remember the facts at times. At first, he told CNN host Anderson Cooper that there were 50 million doses available. Then, he said the refrigerator was empty, “figuratively and literally speaking.” Then, he said there were 10 million doses a day available.

So, which is it? Were there 50 million, none, or 10 million per day?

Estimates suggested that the Trump administration was administering 1 million vaccine doses per day as Biden came into office. That’s on pace with the new president’s target, but he appears not to know that tidbit. Currently, 1.67 million doses per day are being administered, well above Biden’s initial goal.

The Biden administration regularly claims the Trump administration dropped the ball on the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. Yet, they also can’t seem to get their facts straight.

Hold on tight. It’s going to be an interesting four years.

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