Joe Biden Donor Slapped With Double Murder Charges

Joe Biden Donor Slapped With Double Murder Charges

Joe Biden Donor Faces HORRIFIC Charges!

( – It appears that several donors to President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign have been in trouble with the law recently. For example, a high-powered South Carolina attorney and Biden donor is now facing significant jail time after his recent arrest on double murder charges.

On Thursday, July 14, prosecutors charged 54-year-old Alex Murdaugh with killing his wife and son. In April 2020, Murdaugh contributed the maximum individual donation to Biden’s campaign for $2,800.

Prosecutors allege that the long-time attorney shot and killed his wife and son in June of  2021. Murdaugh hails from a long line of prominent attorneys and was already in trouble with law enforcement.

The lawyer faced charges of fraud, money laundering, and the illegal sale of painkillers. Additionally, prosecutors charged Murdaugh with hiring his cousin to kill him so his family could receive life insurance money, but the attorney survived the attempt.

In 2021, the disgraced lawyer admitted he stole $4.3 million from settlement funds his practice owed in a wrongful death lawsuit. He awaits trial for that case in prison, where he’s been since October 2021.

Murdaugh is just one of several high-profile Democratic donors caught operating on the wrong side of the law. Former Jeffery Epstein enabler and confidant Ghislaine Maxwell donated significant amounts of money to Democrats over the years. She’s now in prison serving a 20-year sentence for sex trafficking minor girls. Likewise, Cheer star Jerry Harris was a Biden campaign supporter who received a 12-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting an underage boy.

What do you think about criminals providing financial support to Biden’s campaign? Does this make Biden and his administration look bad?

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