Joe Biden Funnelled Money to Same Firm That Spied on Donald Trump

Joe Biden Funnelled Money to Same Firm That Spied on Donald Trump

( – A recent court filing by Special Prosecutor John Durham put Neustar Information Services a the forefront of recent political discourse. As Durham continues his probe into the origins of the FBI’s investigation into alleged tampering in the 2016 election, his recent pretrial motion alleges that Neustar Chief Technology Officer, Rodney Joffe, sent sensitive data to the Clinton campaign containing “derogatory information” about Trump.

While there’s no evidence company executives were aware of Joffe’s actions, the company is, nonetheless, at the center of a probe involving campaign wrongdoings.

For some reason, the Biden campaign decided this would be a good company to use for their own logistics and compliance needs. Neustar has now officially been on the payroll of only two campaigns: Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020.

The connection between Joffe and Clinton turned criminal for her campaign attorney, Michael Sussman, when he took the information provided by Joffe to the CIA in 2017 with the intent of providing them with ammunition to use against a then-sitting president. He was less than truthful when questioned. Durham charged Sussman with lying to the FBI about the incident.

The Biden campaign paid Neufield more than $18,000 for their services. Executives and staffers, in return, donated nearly that much in return. Durham’s investigation remains ongoing.

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