Joe Biden Gets an “Unusual” Welcome in Scotland

Naked Man Streaks in Front of Joe Biden

( – Seeing Air Force One or a presidential motorcade is a rare experience for those who live or work outside of the Washington, DC, area, regardless of who’s President of the United States. It’s a treat whenever the Commander in Chief is nearby. It’s even more astounding to people overseas because the overwhelming majority of people in another country will never see a United States president.

So, it might be permissible to forgive someone for an indiscretion here and there. On Tuesday, November 2, President Biden traveled on a 45 minute trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow to attend the United Nations COP26 climate conference. The trip wasn’t without incident, but it’s hard to say who got the wrong end of it.

Man Exposes Himself to President

During the journey from the president’s quarters in Edinburgh to the summit site in Glasgow, the presidential motorcade strolled through the backroads of Scotland. It’s a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, the president and those traveling with him might have seen a few bits more than they bargained for as they made their way to the climate summit.

According to journalists, the local sights were a little too revealing. Apparently, a large, naked, Scottish man either forgot to dress or didn’t care that he was standing in front of a window as the presidential motorcade strolled by his home. It’s one thing to want a picture of the president’s vehicle. It’s another thing to give him a glimpse of private parts while taking it. A BBC Reporter tweeted, “Welcome to Scotland, Mr. President.”

Biden’s Journey Creates Controversy

Since Biden was attending a summit on global change, the local media couldn’t help but note the hypocrisy of the president’s 45-minute journey. The ride from Edinburgh to Glasgow is approximately 45 minutes. Throughout the weekend, the US president warned the world community must enact climate change policies to save the planet. In addition, Biden apologized for the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the climate change discussion and policies to combat it.

Biden assured world leaders the US would never again back away from climate policies he would enact. Yet, one president isn’t beholden to another’s policies, leaving questions about how he might keep such promises.

Regardless, the UK Mirror criticized the president for advocating for countries to sacrifice their energy needs and standard of living while driving around in a massive gas hog. The Beast, the president’s bulletproof vehicle, gets approximately 8 miles to the gallon and creates about 8.75 lbs of carbon per mile. That’s more than 10 times the amount of pollution caused by the average car.

In addition to the Beast, the motorcade included approximately 20 SUVs, a Beast decoy, and police escorts, all of which contributed to the president’s massive carbon footprint.

On Tuesday, President Biden said he was doing everything he could to demonstrate action over words in the fight against global climate change.

Perhaps he’s not doing enough?

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