Joe Biden Launches Attack After Reporter Asks Simple Question

Joe Biden Launches Attack After Reporter Asks Simple Question

( – Reporters sometimes ask tough, probing questions, causing their subjects to feel attacked. Less often, especially in front of live cameras, the respondent attacks back. On Wednesday, July 21, the president spoke at a CNN town hall. He was asked by moderator Don Lemon about the “perception” Democrats are anti-police. He shrugged off the question suggesting the police know better about that than him.

After arriving back at the White House, reporters challenged Biden to clarify his remarks to Lemon. Snappily, Biden shot back defunding the police is not the position of the Democratic Party. As he’s done in the past, he said, “I am the Democratic Party.”

He added neither himself, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), nor Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) share that sentiment. Then oddly, he asked if some in the GOP believe Democrats are “sucking the blood out of our kids?” It was an off-script shot at those who believe in QAnon conspiracy theories. His answer had nothing to do with the reporter’s question.

Biden refuses to acknowledge the Left of his party is intent on defunding the police, and in some instances, abolishing them altogether. In major Democratic-led cities across America, city councils defunded police by billions of dollars in late 2020. During the presidential campaign, then-candidate Biden even agreed funds should be diverted from police to other issues. The president doesn’t remember the scores of videos on YouTube of him saying it or some members on the Left in his party.

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