Joe Biden Seemingly Neglects His Unwanted Grandchild Who Is Reportedly Being Harassed

Joe And Jill Biden Seemingly Neglect Their Unwanted Grandchild Who Is Being Harassed

Joe Biden ABANDONS Grandchild – Can’t Accept It!

( – Democrats often claim to be compassionate towards minorities, LGBTQ, and other groups. Yet, it seems President Joe Biden may be more open to Democratic constituency groups than some members of his own family. According to the Daily Mail, the president often speaks of how much he loves his grandchildren. That said, it seems the President of the United States is unwilling to recognize and care for one of them.

In 2019, Lunden Roberts took President Biden’s son, Hunter, to court, where she won a massive $2.5 million settlement. In addition, the court forced Hunter to take a DNA test, which proved he was the father of Roberts’ child, Navy Joan. In December 2017, Roberts became pregnant with Hunter’s child while the president’s son was still having a fling with his deceased brother’s wife, Hallie.

Now, President Biden’s grandchild faces harassment and danger after Roberts’ ex-boyfriend threatened her and Hunter’s little girl. The Daily Mail said it has reason to believe that President Biden was aware of the threats against Roberts and his grandchild, yet Biden has not taken any steps to protect them.

On the other hand, Hunter and his legitimate children receive ongoing Secret Service protections. Roberts alleged that Navy doesn’t matter to the president and that Hunter has never even met his daughter. She concluded by saying that he wouldn’t even recognize her if he passed her on the street.

Navy is the fourth of Hunter Biden’s five children.

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