Joe Biden Surrenders Through Weakness With China’s Dictator

Joe Biden Surrenders Through Weakness With China's Dictator

( – In late 2019, the virus that causes COVID-19 emerged from Wuhan, China. On November 18, a scientist said he could conclusively prove that COVID-19 originated at a Wuhan food market. Still, other experts say there is proof it arose from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the Chinese study and experiment with bat coronaviruses. The one thing all experts agree on is that the pandemic originated in China.

For over a year, the Chinese Communist government refused to cooperate with international scientists to determine precisely where COVID-19 originated. In May 2020, former President Donald Trump doubled down on his assertion that the virus emanated from a lab. In September 2020, the then-president told the United Nations that the world needed to hold China accountable for COVID-19. Under President Joe Biden, China is being held responsible for nothing and is surrendering to the Communist-led country.

Biden Demonstrates Weakness

If there’s one thing China loves, it’s a weak US president who won’t hold them accountable for their behavior or actions. On Monday, November 15, President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke through a virtual video chat for three and half hours. It’s the third time the two leaders spoke this year. A senior White House official said the two men addressed how to bring an end to the current COVID-19 pandemic, including the importance of vaccines and donating them to countries in need.

In addition, Biden and Jingpin also began discussions on how to prevent pandemics in the future. However, there was a notable subject missing. The one thing Biden didn’t bring up with Jingpin was the origins of COVID-19. It’s at least the second time the US president avoided the topic with the Chinese president. Unlike President Trump, who was ready and willing to hold China accountable for not informing the world sooner of the rising pandemic and shielding inspectors from learning how it occurred, Biden showed weakness with the Chinese dictator who would prefer to avoid the discussion altogether.

What is Biden Afraid Of?

In April, the president ordered the intelligence community to investigate the origins of COVID-19. The report said while the virus might have accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab, it couldn’t conclusively prove it due to a lack of direct evidence. To determine the facts, the intelligence report concluded that China would need to cooperate with any future investigation.

So, why didn’t Biden push the issue with Jingpin since they are “old friends.” As long as Beijing continues to stifle the global investigation, the world will never know what happened or how to prevent another outbreak in the future.

Perhaps Biden is moving on and is ready to give the Chinese a free pass?

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