Joe Biden Tells Sketchy Story About a House Fire

Joe Biden Tells Sketchy Story About a House Fire

( – Over the years, Joe Biden tried to position himself as a man of the people. To do so, he often tells personal stories and anecdotes about his personal life to try to identify with his audience. The problem is, Biden is often exaggerating or outright misinforming the public. Worse yet, even after being debunked by fact-checkers, the president often continues to tell his false stories as if they were true.

Late in December, suburban neighborhoods near Denver and Boulder, Colorado, experienced a massive wildfire that destroyed over 1,000 homes, displaced numerous people and caused $513 million in damages. On Friday, January 9, the president visited the area and talked with victims. Once again, good ol’ Joe couldn’t help himself. He told those hurting he understood their pain after he and his wife almost lost their home to a lightning strike in 2004.

However, it appears that once again, Biden is overstating what happened. Fact-checkers say his house endured a small kitchen fire, which firefighters had under control in 20 minutes. In 2013 and November 2021, Biden told the same story, saying they lost 25% of their home, or a significant portion, and had to rebuild. That’s hardly the truth. The small fire apparently caused minor damage and threatened no one.

When will Biden learn that the truth is always best?

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