Joe Biden’s George Wallace Links Come to Light

Joe Biden's George Wallace Links Come to Light

( – On Tuesday, January 11, President Joe Biden flew to Atlanta, Georgia, and gave a blistering speech. He scolded citizens who stood in the way of his radical election reform proposal, which is likely to fail in the US Senate for the fourth time in six months. The president urged Democrats to carve out the filibuster to get around Senate Republicans and pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

Biden insulted lawmakers and Republican voters by asking if they wanted to be on the side of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or George Wallace. Even a few Democrats said Biden shouldn’t have made such a comparison. While that may be true, there’s a bigger problem. Decades earlier, Biden announced his pride in knowing Wallace.

George Wallace was elected as the Democratic governor of Alabama in 1963 and served for four terms. The governor was a controversial segregationist and famously advocated for his position in 1963 by saying, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” While the president invoked Wallace’s name disparagingly, he must have forgotten he’d once proudly recounted that the controversial governor had praised him during his service as a US Senator from Delaware. Wallace had called Biden an outstanding young politician.

How bad is the hypocrisy?

In 1988, Biden campaigned in Alabama as a Democratic presidential candidate. He bragged about receiving an award from Wallace and said Delaware was on the South’s side during the Civil War.

When will Biden’s hysteria end? Even more importantly, will the media and race-minded activists hold Biden accountable for his past shenanigans?

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