Joe Rogan Calls Out Kamala Harris’ Hypocrisy

Joe Rogan Calls Out Kamala Harris' Hypocrisy

Kamala Harris HUMILIATED – Something’s Wrong!

( – In early February, WNBA star Brittney Griner flew to Russia to compete in international basketball during the offseason. The Russians arrested her at the Moscow airport after discovering vape canisters containing cannabis oil in her suitcase. A Russian court fined her $16,590 and sentenced the basketball player to 9 and half years in prison. Popular Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan said the hypocrisy over Griner’s situation was atrocious, blasting Vice President Kamala Harris for saying her situation was horrible considering her history.

Rogan said it’s crazy that thousands of people go to jail for using marijuana across the country. Still, no one, not even the vice president, is advocating for them. Earlier in her career as a prosecutor and district attorney, Harris charged thousands of people for marijuana possession and was an outspoken critic of legalizing the drug. Still, Harris has pleaded with Russia to release Griner immediately.

Since her arrest, the Spotify podcasting host has supported the popular women’s basketball player. He called her the clearest example of a government holding someone as a political prisoner and said sentencing her to nearly 10 years in prison over nothing is horrible. The podcaster said it’s unlikely anyone can secure her release if the Russians decide not to cooperate with the US government.

Rogan isn’t the only one to criticize Harris for hypocrisy. On August 5, The New York Post published an article highlighting the criticisms of the vice president’s actions or inactions regarding the WNBA star’s situation.

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