John Oliver Tells Police to Quit If They Don’t Follow Possibly Illegal Mandates

John Oliver Tells Police to Quit if They Don't Follow Possibly Illegal Mandates

( – Comedian John Oliver makes a living roasting people. Sometimes it’s funny, and other times it’s not. That’s the nature of comedy. Yet, Oliver is taking his criticism of people who refuse to get vaccinated to a new level. On Sunday, October 24, Oliver opened his nightly show by mercilessly mocking Washington State police trooper Robert Lamay. At the end of his final shift, before being forced out of his job for not complying with the governor’s vaccination mandate, Lamay said the governor could kiss his tail-end and dropped the radio mic in his lap.

Oliver went on to talk about cops threatening to resign across the nation over COVID vaccinations. Apparently, the host feels the police who are bucking the mandates get too much air time.

Oliver suggested asking the police to get vaccinated wasn’t asking for too much and didn’t constitute an issue involving individual liberty. He believes law enforcement has a higher calling, and their number one job is to protect the public.

Noting that four times more police officers died from COVID-19 than from gun encounters with criminals, Oliver urged police officers to quit the force if they object to getting vaccinated. Of course, he didn’t put it that politely. Some might agree, and others will disagree. What do you think? Does Oliver have a point?

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