Johnson & Johnson Releases New COVID 19 Booster Shot Findings

Johnson & Johnson Releases New COVID 19 Booster Shot Findings

( – There are currently three COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States; each is slightly different from the next. Yet, as of September 22, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) had only fully authorized a single product, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, for the prevention of coronavirus. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) injectables remain under Emergency Use Authorization status at the present point in time.

However, J&J continues to share findings and research with the public. The company published a report on its upcoming COVID-19 booster shot on Tuesday, September 21.

J&J says studies prove that if a vaccinated individual is inoculated with a booster shot two months after receiving their first dose, protection against COVID increases dramatically. It also claims the booster ensures 100% protection against a severe bout of the virus and a remarkable 94% efficacy against developing symptoms.

The J&J vaccination works very differently from Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA technology. mRNA vaccines essentially instruct the body to create spike proteins that train the immune system to identify COVID-19 and attack it.

Scientists for J&J instead opted to engineer a harmless virus as a shell to carry genetic code to spike proteins to cells. The cells then produce a spike protein that creates antibodies and memory cells to ward of COVID-19.

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