Josh Hawley Prepares To Strip ‘Woke’ Disney of Their Copyright Protections

Josh Hawley Prepares to Strip 'Woke' Disney of Their Copyright Protections

Top Republican Puts a Death Grip On Disney, Looks To Make Them Pay For Their Wokeness

( – Disney has taken political sides with the Left and opened itself up to the ire of Conservatives for months. It has adopted woke corporate policies and attacked Florida Republicans over a new law prohibiting schools from teaching sexual and gender issues to school children. The company also promised to help the Left overturn the common-sense law. On Tuesday, May 10, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced his introduction of a bill that would strip Disney of special copyright protections.

Hawley told Fox News that it’s time for the GOP to stop corporate handouts. He said special copyright protections by Congress have helped big businesses like Disney make billions of dollars while advocating and supporting woke left-wing causes. The Missouri Senator added that it is time to end Disney’s special privileges and force businesses to create a new era of innovation and creativity.

Hawley’s bill, the Copyright Clause Restoration Act of 2022, would strip companies of 120 years of copyright protection for corporations. Instead, it would cap copyrights to 56 years. Additionally, if passed into law, it would retroactively implement the change.

With Democrats in control of an evenly divided Congress, and with Democratic President Joe Biden in the White House, the legislation has virtually no chance of passing. Still, it may be a wake-up call to big businesses to avoid getting in the middle of socio-political fights with the midterm elections looming around the corner.

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