Journalist Targeted GOP Candidate, Report Shows

( – Since the founding of the country, journalism and politics have intersected in many complicated ways. In the late 1700s, newspaper editors commonly endorsed a party’s candidate and promoted its principles. Of course, there was some quid pro quo to the highest bidder. In return for endorsements, political parties would swing all their business to the newspaper. That meant the publisher received prestige and power in the community, and in turn, the politicians and editors scratched each other’s back.

Today, newspapers and politicians operate a little differently, but the outcome is the same. In Utah, Republican congressional candidate Jason Preston is taking on incumbent Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) to represent Utah’s 3rd District. For some reason, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Bryan Schott admits he lurks on Preston’s social media using fake accounts. It has some wondering what Schott’s motives are for stalking and possibly harassing a Republican candidate instead of reporting the news.

Journalist Trolls Republican Candidate

By the time people elected John Adams as the 2nd President of the United States, politicians were lining up behind each other to interpret the day’s events. Quickly, they would create an ideology that would shape political party identities. What followed was a media that was for or against a political party’s identity, and they didn’t shy away from it.

Fast forward, and it seems the media may not have matured over the last two centuries. Sure, there was a short time in the 1970s and early 1980s it might have grown up a bit. News anchors like Walter Cronkite prided themselves on never publicly revealing their political positions. By the 1990s, that practice was eroding.

Now, a Salt Lake City Tribune journalist admits he trolls Preston, who says he’s running for office because he believes the founding fathers warned us about the type of people serving in Washington, DC, today. The candidate said he’s part of a movement that stands with God and liberty and wants to return the government to the role of a servant.

In turn, Schott continually initiated campaign smears against Preston. His motive appears to be a familiar left-wing refrain — He can’t allow a Let’s Go Brandon candidate to represent a congressional seat in Utah.

Preston Serious About Defeating Incumbent

Despite the smear tactics by Schott, Preston is plowing forward with his campaign. He recently hired famed Republican campaign strategist Roger Stone to help him strengthen his campaign. Stone said he’s excited to be in Utah to help Preston take on the Republican establishment. Additionally, Stone said Preston would not bow down to deranged mainstream media “jackals.”

Preston’s campaign says Schott represents media insanity which disdains America First Republicans and supports the Democratic far-left positions, allowing pornography in public schools.

So, as much as things change, some things stay the same.

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