Joy Reid Claims Opposing Critical Race Theory Is “Racist”

Joy Reid Claims Opposing Critical Race Theory Is

( – Critical race theory (CRT) is a highly controversial school of thought that formally originated in the late 1980s. It essentially proposes that race is a social construct, not a biological one and that white people design legal developments in the United States to suppress minorities.

Despite the obvious issues with these claims, many progressives believe we should teach children the theory to create a fairer society. On Tuesday, May 4, MSNBC host Joy Reid played a clip of a mother claiming her opposition to her children learning critical race theory “does not mean [she’s] a racist.” Reid laughed, claiming this position did, in fact, make the woman racist and comparing this issue to that of trans women playing women’s sports.

Reid’s comments follow a letter written by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and more than 30 of his party colleagues to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona last week. Their letter demanded the discontinuation of an education proposal that would see children taught about the 1619 Project, a controversial idea closely related to CRT.

According to Joy Reid, having preferences about your children’s education now makes you racist. Watch out, parents — the PC brigade is coming for you!

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