Judge Excuses Transgender Woman’s Crimes Against Children

Judge Excuses Transgender Woman's Crimes Against Children

Child Predator OFF THE HOOK – Judge Gives Insane Excuse For Decision

(TheRedWire.com) – Does the law treat some transgender women differently than those who aren’t? Apparently, in the UK, it does. Police found over 125,000 images and videos depicting child sexual abuse by 68 year-old Peter Selby on 3 devices in his home. In some instances, photos showed children as young as three years old involved. The local media reported Selby admitted to police he had the photos.

Despite a jury convicting Selby of child pornography crimes and sentencing him to 14 months in prison, a judge overruled the sentence. Judge Geraldine Kelly went light on Selby because she’s a transgender woman. Kelly said that as a transgender person, prison time would cause anxiety and difficulty coping in a prison environment, more so than most people. As a result, she suspended the jury’s sentence, saying the convicted pedophile sought counseling in 2019. The judge also cited a report suggesting Selby’s behavior was manageable if she returned him to the community.

Kelly ordered Sebly to continue receiving counseling and register as a sex offender for 10 years. The judge’s decision angered many, including a conservative member of Parliament, Baroness Nicholson. The lawmaker said the lenient ruling showed a disregard for child safety, and she sought an immediate review of Kelly’s order.

So, could this happen again in the UK, or even in America?

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