Judge Gets Death Threats After Controversial, Unpopular Ruling

(TheRedWire.com) – In 2007, pop-star icon Britney Spears appeared to be struggling with severe personal issues. Her marriage was falling apart. Spears shaved her head in a fit of anger, attacked a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella, was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and might have been suffering from postpartum depression after her second child’s birth.

In 2008, the spontaneous acts of desperation exasperated itself, and her family grew deeply concerned after Spears lost custody rights over her children. Soon afterward, Britney’s father Jamie, among others, formed a conservatorship to protect the pop star. In June, Spears appeared in court to plead with Judge Brenda Penny to let her out of the conservatorship. After the judge temporarily denied the request, some fans became irate and threatened the judge’s life online.

Spears Wants Out of Conservatorship

A conservatorship is a legal structure in California that empowers those in charge to make personal, economic, and legal decisions for someone who can’t take care of themselves. At 39-years-old and after 13 years under the supervision of her father, Brittany Spears decided enough was enough. On June 23, Spears asked Judge Penny to allow her out of the conservatorship.

The pop icon stated that those overseeing the conservatorship were no longer helping her. Instead, she alleged someone was exploiting her. That someone was her father, Jamie. Spears added that her dad and management of the conservatorship continually punished her when she did not respond to their requests. For their misdeed, Britney told the judge out of frustration that they should be in jail.

Additionally, Spears said the conservatorship under her father’s direction isolated, medicated, emotionally abused, and financially exploited her. She claimed the California legal system let her down after repeated attempts to express her concerns to the courts. Spears stated her pleas went unheard.

Judge Penny temporarily denied Spears’s request to terminate the conservatorship. A court hearing to decide Spears’s fate is scheduled for September 29. In an unexpected move on August 12, Jamie Spears agreed to step down from his daughter’s conservatorship, but he gave no timeframe for the transition.

Threats Emerge from Social Media

Since the June hearing, Judge Penny endured death threats and other verbal intimidation over her unpopular ruling. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) acknowledges that it’s fully aware of the threats. The LASD added that it’s monitoring the ongoing social media conversations about the Britney Spears case. A spokesman said that while the harsh language is concerning, it’s not at a point to be labeled a criminal threat.

Numerous fans posted they wished the judge would die. One called Penny pathetic, and others suggested Jamie Spears paid off the judge.

Judge Penny wasn’t alone in receiving threats after Spears’s testimony. Britney’s younger sister Jamie Lynn said she and her family also received frightening threats. Jodi Montgomery is Britney’s temporary conservator. She recently increased her security measures after being threatened as well.

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