Judge Rules Against Alex Jones After Finding He Lied

Judge Rules Against Alex Jones After Ruling He Lied

(TheRedWire.com) – Most people know that the First Amendment right to Free Speech isn’t absolute. For example, one can’t scream “fire” in a crowded movie theater. In 2012, 20 first-graders and 6 teachers were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut. In the aftermath of the horrific event, gun rights activists demanded Congress enact gun control laws to prevent an incident like that from happening again. On his radio show, Infowars, Conservative Radio host Alex Jones initially claimed the shooting was a hoax. He later backed away from that position. Parents alleged Jones’ listeners subjected them to death threats and other forms of intimidation, and the families sued him for defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

On Monday, November 15, a Connecticut judge found Jones was liable for damages based on his statements after he and his legal team failed to follow court orders and turn over evidence. The judge also ruled that Jones had been less than candid with opposing counsel (a nice, legal way of saying he lied). A jury will now determine how much Jones will pay families. It appears Jones disagrees with the judge. The controversial radio host contends the judge deprived him of a jury trial because everyone knows he didn’t say what the plaintiffs accused him of in court. The judge wanted records showing whether he profited from claiming the shootings were a hoax. Jones’ legal team did not provide the requested documents.

It’s not the first ruling to go against Jones over Sandy Hook comments. He lost cases in three defamation lawsuits in Texas, Wisconsin, and three other Connecticut lawsuits. So far, courts have ordered Jones to pay out over half a million dollars for claiming the shootings never happened.

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