Kamala Harris Accused of Almost Causing Woman to Commit Suicide

Kamala Harris Accused of Almost Causing Woman to Committ Suicide

(TheRedWire.com) – While America continues to make inroads against bullying among the nation’s youth, one of the country’s leaders is setting a bad example. Sadly, the situation came to light at a time when social justice is at the forefront of the American discussion.

It appears that then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris wasn’t overly concerned about racial optics. In one case, the situation was so dire that a famous singer’s daughter almost killed herself over depression.

Iconic singer Nina Simone’s charitable trust fund allegedly violated its fiduciary responsibilities. At the head of the situation was Simone’s daughter, Lisa. According to Nina’s granddaughter, RéAnna Simone Kelly, Harris stripped the family of their control of the trust and turned it over to “white people.”

She added that Harris dragged their family name through the mud in the media. Additionally, family members no longer receive royalties from her grandmother’s estate. RéAnna also accused Harris of bullying her mother in court so severely that she almost killed herself due to depression.

Adding insult to injury for the family, singer John Legend sang a Nina Simone song during Harris’ swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

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