Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg Travel Together

Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg Travel Together

(TheRedWire.com) – While Vice President Kamala Harris and Department of Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s political careers appear to be going in separate directions, they’re trying to fool America into believing something different. Almost every day, the news coming out of the VP’s office is not good. Numerous members of her staff resigned, rumors keep coming that Biden wants to replace his hand-picked running mate, and Harris’ poll numbers are worse than her boss’. On the other side, some tout Buttigieg as the next President of the United States and a savior of the country.

On Thursday, December 2, the two senior White House officials headed off together to sell the bipartisan reconciliation package that President Biden already signed into law. The administration expected a bounce in the polls for their efforts. Unfortunately for them, it never came.

Now, Harris and Buttigieg are trying to sell it to America again, hoping it’ll inspire some support from the public. Before getting on the plane, the dynamic duo embraced in an awkward hug as if to show the world that all is good between them. At the same time, it appeared that neither wanted to be there.

Will their efforts to publicly smooth things over work? Will it repair the damage to Harris’ public perception or the infrastructure bill?

Only time will time.

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