Kamala Harris Is Focusing on Central America as Migrant Caravan Approaches American Border

Kamala Harris Is Focusing on Central America as Migrant Caravan Approaches American Border

Kamala Harris Unveils TERRIFYING Border Policy Plan

(TheRedWire.com) – During the first six months of the Biden administration, illegal immigration exploded and never looked back. In March 2021, President Joe Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as his US immigration czar. The following month, the Border Patrol encountered 178,795 illegal immigrants. In April 2022, that number increased to 234,088. Yet, Harris has done little to stem the rising tide. Now, with a massive caravan of illegal immigrants on the march in Mexico, Harris announced a plan to throw more money at the problem without proposing a proper solution to stop the incentivization of unlawful immigration.

It’s not like former President Donald Trump didn’t try to warn America about the dangers and consequences of lax borders. He argued that previous presidents allowed illegal immigration to run rampant on the US border with Mexico for too long. In turn, Trump said that it reduced jobs, lowered wages, and benefited companies at the expense of working-class Americans. Still, almost immediately after his inauguration, Biden effectively reversed the Trump policies that had reduced illegal immigration.

Harris Announces Plan

On Monday, June 7, Vice President Harris announced that the government launched the Central American Service Corps (CASC). It’s reportedly a $50 million plan to solve the root causes of illegal immigration at the southern border. The idea behind the plan is that if the US government throws money at impoverished third-world countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, it will reduce the flow of illegal migrants by solving the problems of poverty, climate change, and violence in their home countries.

The vice president’s office said the US Agency for International Development (USAID) would administer the program and offer the youth of Central American countries paid opportunities, mentorship, and potential career paths.

Will Harris’ Plan Stop the Massive Caravan From Moving North?

Harris’ announcement came as a caravan of roughly 10,000 migrants winds its way through Mexico towards the US border. Some media outlets say it may be the largest caravan of illegal immigrants ever.

On Wednesday, June 8, Reuters reported many of the migrants making their way north were from Venezuela. It said that the organizers of the caravan hoped to reach the border when the Summit of the Americas kicked off in Los Angeles on June 10.

While the massive group continues to add to its numbers, the Mexican government isn’t stopping them from moving freely within its borders. On Tuesday, Mexico’s National Institute for Migration refused to estimate how many people were in the caravan. Still, organizer Luis García Villagrán told Reuters that the thousands of people moving northward to America represent numerous countries.

President Biden expects to sign a declaration at the summit with regional leaders in Central and South America in response to the migration. A senior White House official informed reporters that Biden would lay out a bold new plan for countries impacted by refugees and migration.

Stay tuned. This is an evolving story.

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