Kamala Harris Just Proved Why She’s Still Dangerous in Latest Tie-Breaking Vote

Kamala Harris Just Proved Why She's Still Dangerous in Latest Tie-Breaking Vote

Kamala Harris PROVES She’s Dangerous – Makes Potentially Game-Changing Decision

(TheRedWire.com) – On Sunday, the US Senate passed a massive $430 billion bill they claim will help lower inflation, fight climate change, tackle healthcare, and raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. In the evenly divided upper chamber, Democrats used a budget gimmick known as reconciliation to allow them to get around the 60-vote minimum requirement to begin debate on legislation. When it came time to cast ballots, Vice President Kamala Harris provided the deciding vote, proving she’s still dangerous even if she’s as unpopular as her boss.

Senate Democrats approved the gigantic spending bill and $700 billion in tax increases for the Treasury Department. However, the process wasn’t all roses and champagne for the Left. During a procedure known as “vote-a-rama,” Republicans forced vulnerable Democrats to take votes that were highly unpopular with voters. Despite being dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said its impact on rising prices will be negligible and won’t kick in for a few years, at best.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the legislation would “kill American jobs” and harm US manufacturing. He argued the CBO stated the legislation wouldn’t bring down global price growth in the slightest. Republicans argued the bill was nothing more than a left-wing liberal wishlist that would likely hinder the economy as it falls into a recession.

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