Kamala Harris Loses Another Key Staffer

Kamala Harris Loses Another Key Staffer

(TheRedWire.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris has faced a high turnover rate among her staff since assuming office in January 2021. It’s led some to question whether she has created a hostile work environment within her office. Three former team members who left earlier in 2022 said Harris allowed bullying and a toxic workplace. One former staffer stated that the vice president regularly issues “soul-crushing criticism” and referred to her as a bully. Now, it appears she’s losing another key staffer.

Communications director Jamal Simmons recently announced his departure from the VP’s office in January. On Friday, December 2, POLITICO reported he said it was an honor and privilege to work for her. He worked for Harris for nearly a year. Vice presidential chief of staff Lorraine Voles said Simmons is moving to New York to be with his family.

Anita Dunn, an advisor to President Joe Biden, said the communications professional was a talented member of the administration’s team and a “great partner.” She stated he played a critical role in communicating Harris’ efforts, shared the agenda of the White House, and helped Democrats overcome a challenging prospective election year that saw them defy expectations.

A few weeks ago, Harris’ chief legal advisor, Josh Hsu, announced he would resign at the end of November. He was partly responsible for helping Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, earn the Senate’s confirmation.

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