Kamala Harris May Get Dropped by Joe Biden In 2024, Report Says

Kamala Harris May Get Dropped by Joe Biden In 2024, Report Says

(TheRedWire.com) – When a presidential candidate wins enough states in a primary to accept a party’s nomination, they quickly pivot their attention to the upcoming general election. Presidential candidates often ask themselves two questions when selecting a vice presidential running mate. First, how can they help them win the White House? Second, how can they help them in the Oval Office? In 2020, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selected then-Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate. It took many in the political world by surprise. Now, reports are surfacing that President Joe Biden intends to drop Harris in 2024.

Biden has yet to announce a run for re-election in 2024 formally. Yet, he has said he intends to seek a second term and would announce it at the appropriate time. In the run-up to a potential campaign, Radar Online reported that the president believes he must dump Harris if he wants to win against a Republican challenger.

The report pointed out that his vice president’s failures have reportedly exhausted the 80-year-old commander-in-chief. He put her in charge of solving illegal immigration and voting rights. Radar Online said he blamed Harris for his low poll numbers. A Democratic Party source told the online news outlet that if he secured someone like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama to run with him, it could significantly improve his chances of victory in 2024.

Over the last year, some media reports said the president set Harris up to fail by giving her responsibility for no-win situations. In December, Biden gave a quote for a new book titled, “The Fight of His Life,” saying the vice president was a “work in progress.” He vented that her husband complained about the tasks he assigned to her. He also allegedly expressed frustration because he didn’t ask her to do anything he didn’t do as VP. Some say that’s a customary procedure for a vice president. As VP to Barack Obama, Biden often helped avert budget crises with Congress and shaped US policy in the war in Iraq.

So, will Biden choose a new running mate for the 2024 presidential campaign?

It could get interesting if he does.

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